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Simply put, we are museum nerds. We get super excited when we see museums doing innovative things, and want to share the news with you. We also like weird things, funny things, and things that make you say, "whoa!". If you see or hear something neat related to museums please share it with us!

Dutch Museum recreates Rembrandt at shopping mall


Check out the Rijksmuseum's attention-grabbing flashmob recreation of Rembrandt's The Night Watch.  


Why do objects mean so much to us? Why do we feel the need to collect? How do objects have the ability to transport us back to the past? 

In this episode of Radiolab, reporters Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich share three stories to help shed light on these questions.



The Strangest Museums in the World


The Museum of Burnt Food? The Sewer Museum? The Museum of Broken Relationships?...Yes, please! 


Who's ready for a road trip?!