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  • Dr. Kiersten Latham

How Many Ways Do I Love Thee, Mona Lisa?

Introducing the newest exhibition from the MuseLab,

Mona Lisa x 4. In this exhibition, we bring you four different approaches to the world famous painting, the Mona Lisa, painted by Leonardo da Vinci. But shhhhhhh, that’s about all we can say regarding the content of this experimental project. We don’t want to tell you too much about it yet because it is part of a research project we’re doing in conjunction with my colleagues at the Smithsonian Institution and Duquesne University. I’ve been working for nearly two years with Andrew Pekarik and Jim Schreiber integrating research they have done over the past few years into our own Kent State SLIS museum studies courses. The three of us came up with a research design and involved students from the Fall 2015 Museum Communication course in the actual design of the exhibition. The students in that course formed exhibit teams, created proposals for one of the four approaches in the overall exhibit, then voted amongst themselves on the winning designs. In spring, two Culminating Experience students and two MuseLab staff went to work re-shaping the proposals (to fit our space and budget) and implementing them, finally finishing the whole thing in May (phew, just in time for graduation!). Over summer, we did small bits of tweaking here and there (including submitting our IRB application) in preparation for the coming research project.

This fall, we will start the actual research project, involving undergraduate students across campus, asking them about their leisure time preferences. We promise to blog about the research question and results in spring 2017, after the data collection is over. If you would like to take part in the study, let the MuseLab manager know when you get there, or contact her just before you come ( ). Even if you don’t participate, make sure you stop by the MuseLab’s Main gallery and become a part of this unique experience.

The opening for this exhibit is September 15th from 5:30pm – 7:00pm, to be held at the Kent State Library, on the 3rd floor, just outside the MuseLab. An intriguing talk about the joys and disappointments of museum-going will be given by Dr. Pekarik earlier that day (4:00pm)—free and open to anyone who wants to come. Please join Kent State staff, students, partners, and participants in this exciting experience. (Yes, there will be free food.)

Watch for more details about the Sept. 15 events on the MuseLab Facebook page.