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Skill Clinic: May Day--Prepare a Plan Before a Disaster Hits Your Museum

In today’s environment of global climate change, museums have seen hurricane storm-surge warnings along the shores of Lake Erie, galleries fall into subterranean sinkholes, gas well earthquakes, thunder-snow, and polar cold. Museums need to be prepared to handle potential disasters resulting from unexpected power loss, water incursion, HVAC malfunction, structural damage, and more. When it comes to the weather, where change is the only constant, is your museum properly prepared?

It’s time to get serious about preparing for the disaster you never thought possible. Dust off of your old disaster plan, if you have one, and join us on May Day at the Kent State University MuseLab for a half-day workshop where we will help you map out the possibilities, plan appropriately, and know how to create a response team and tool kit at your museum.

If you are interested in registering, follow this link to get started!