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Popping Up in the Wall Gallery: Hearing Aids

Based on exhibition designs developed by the Fall 2017 Museum Communication Course students, we're installing pop-up exhibits in our wall gallery featuring hearing aids from the Kent State Speech Pathology and Audiology Department's Kenneth Berger Hearing Aid Museum and Archives.

Pop-up exhibits are temporary, quickly-installed, informal, inexpensive, and fun!

MuseLab volunteer Kelly Leong helps with the installation of one of the pop-up exhibits.

This pop-up exhibit features a carbon amplifier hearing aid from the 1930s along with a photo of what the inside of the amplifier looks like and how it would have been worn. See detailed image below for a closer look at the hearing aid.

This hearing aid could be disguised as a tie clip. Student in the Fall 2017 Museum Communication course pointed out that this would have been a big asset in the workplace, which we have demonstrated here in this pop-up exhibit.

Museum Communication students found that the superheroes Hawkeye and the Blue Ear deal with hearing loss in their comics.

Five pop-up exhibits filled the wall gallery space by the end of the semester!