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Crowdsourcing in the MuseLab: #YourLabel

Inspired by the Museum of Broken Relationships, in Zagreb, Croatia, the MuseLab is crowdsourcing an exhibit this Spring! At the beginning and middle of each month, we're choosing an object and asking YOU to write the labels that will included in the gallery. You can read more about crowdsourcing as well as our inspiration and process in April's blog post.

We share a new object and a prompt that participants can choose to follow or not in our case by the front door of Kent State's library, here on the website, and on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

After two weeks, we move the object from the library case to the gallery, and display it with the prompt and all of the labels that have been submitted.

This was a popular prompt and object combination, with nine submissions that we are displaying in the gallery!

Kent State M.L.I.S. student Allison Cadle wrote a very creative poem about this replica of the Liberty Bell.

We got even more Liberty Bell submissions as the semester went on!

#YourLabels about this piece of original brick from the home of Abraham Lincoln.

This miniature sculpture of the Loch Ness Monster with the prompt to write a haiku about the object was very popular, with 19 label submissions!

Visit the #YourLabel page here on the website to learn how to contribute your own label to our crowdsourced exhibit, or stop by the MuseLab to write one in person!