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Hearing Aid Museum Inventory and Transportation

We've been storing the Kent State Speech Pathology & Audiology program's Kenneth Berger Hearing Aid Museum & Archives here at the MuseLab while the program's spaces are renovated. Because of this agreement, we've been able to share hearing aids from the collection through a Mini Exhibit and Pop-Up Exhibits in the Wall Gallery. As we return the collection of over 3,000 hearing aids to the Speech Pathology & Audiology program to be installed in their new cases, each box must be checked against the inventory list that was prepared upon the box's transportation to the lab last Spring. During the inventory process, condition issues are noted and a transportation log form is filled out, to be signed by the MuseLab transporter and a representative from Speech Pathology & Audiology upon receipt of each box.

Each box of hearing aids must be checked against the inventory list before it can be returned from the MuseLab to the Kent State Speech Pathology & Audiology program.

Each object in the collection is numbered and stored in a bag with its identification card.