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#YourLabel - Statuette of a Hippopotamus

We want to know what #YourLabel would say about this object!

For this part of our crowdsourced #YourLabel exhibit, please write a three-sentence story about this Egyptian Statuette of a Hippopotamus. whose original resides at the Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna. Our replica of the ancient funerary gift measures 2 5/8" x 1 1/2" x 1 1/8".

Leave us a comment or message us here on our website to submit #YourLabel or use one of the submission channels outlined above.

Here's some information to get you started:

The Google Arts & Culture entry about this object from the Kunsthistoriches Museum. Scroll down to hear an audio recording about the object.

A Google Arts & Culture entry about faience, the material this original object is made of.

A video about "William the Hippo" - a similar object at the Metropolitan Museum of Art: