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iSchool Workshops use the MuseLab

The MuseLab had the pleasure to be part of two workshops offered through the iSchool this Spring. The White Gloves and Red Paint: Handling and Labeling Museum Collections workshop, led by Joanne Fenn of the Kent State University Museum on March 2nd and 3rd, used the MuseLab space to learn about and practice object labeling. The workshop participants toured the MuseLab workspace to observe what conservation and preparation areas might look like in a museum and practiced numbering objects.

Participants in the Developing Memorable Museum Tours workshop, led by Edith Serkownek on April 20 and 21, toured the MuseLab's current exhibitions and workspace as part of a student-led tour developed as a workshop assignment. In the workspace, tour interpreters highlighted the materials and equipment used for exhibition development. In addition, they asked the class to brainstorm ideas for an exhibition based on one of the three objects pictured above, which were found in the lab. The tour participants came up with some great ideas, such as exhibitions about the history of stuffed animals or Lassie, an interactive exhibition about "monsters of the deep" like the embalmed squid, and an exhibition about the backs of frames and pieces of art.

Thanks to the workshop leaders and participants for making the MuseLab part of your experience!