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Museum Collections Library Cases

Each student in the Museum Collections course puts together a collection of thirty objects that are used for a series of projects throughout the semester. Students may draw from an existing collection that they own, add to their collection, or collect something new to enter into PastPerfect, create a collection policy, "loan" to another organization, and design storage solutions for, among other projects in the course. It is interesting to see what fellow students collect for the class and very engaging for students to put the course material into practice with real objects. We're giving Museum Collections students an opportunity to share the collections they put together and reflect on the class by exhibiting their collection (or part of it) in our third floor library case.

Allison Cadle, a student in the Spring 2018 Museum Collections course, shared part of the seed packet collection that she used for the course. Her mini exhibit, "Growing Collections" featured seeds for a wide variety of plants- from butterfly garden flowers to lettuce! They came from many different places too, some she inherited from family members and other she purchased from museums and botanical gardens. To accompany this display of her collection, Cadle wrote labels about entropy and accumulation, two central topics in the Museum Collections course.