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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Music Makerspace Test Exhibit

To refine an element of an upcoming interactive exhibit, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame curatorial team has installed a test exhibit at the MuseLab! The Rock Hall team is interested in your feedback on the songwriting portion of their new "Interactive Garage" music makerspace. An explanation of the project and a video of interviews with rock and roll songwriters accompany the interactive, which prompts visitors to write their own lyrics and gives them the option of recording their song on top of a provided music track.

Following their use of the interactive, participants are asked to complete a survey. The Rock Hall is interested in what visitors think of their experience, what they learned about songwriting, and how they can improve the interactive before its final iteration at the Rock Hall. Participants can enter to win an exciting prize package that includes a Duet Membership and lots of Rock Hall swag!

The walls are covered in vinyls cut-outs of lyrics in the songwriter's actual handwriting! Which songs and artists can you recognize?

Stop by the MuseLab or sign up at bit.ly/MusicMakerspace to participate in this exciting test exhibit!