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Hi there! We need your help- specifically, we need #YourLabel. 


For this exhibit, we'd like to share your stories, thoughts, and ideas about these objects with our visitors. At the beginning and middle of each month, we're going to share a photo and a little information about an object, along with a prompt (which you can choose to follow or not). 

See below to find out what to include in #YourLabel and how to share it with us.

Send us #YourLabel in the message box below or comment on one of the objects posts on the right. 

The Fine Print:

All submissions will be included in the exhibit unless their content is deemed inappropriate by the MuseLab Manager. The MuseLab reserves the right to edit the submissions for grammar and spelling. The author name associated with each submission will be gathered from the submission (i.e. an entry from Twitter will be credited to that participant’s Twitter handle) unless otherwise specified by the participant. By submitting their entries, participants give the MuseLab permission to exhibit and share their words.

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