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The MuseLab

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What we're about


MuseLab is here to inspire innovative, creative, and collaborative ventures related to museality. We challenge you to think in-between, around, and outside the box, and to embrace the deliciously messy process of museal research.

Hey, look, I'm a blog


This is where we do bloggy things. We will cover all sorts of museum-related topics, and hope you will share your thoughts with us. If you have something you'd like to talk about, become a part of our guest blogger team!

What's happenin'


How's the exhibit installation going? Where will the next Club Muse take place? Why is that stuffed border collie photobombing every picture? Check-in here every so often to keep up with all MuseLab shenangians here.

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Neat stuff we like


Weather it be sharing news about local museum related events, or a three-part video series on how to properly dissect a wolf, this section includes the weird, wacky, wonderful things we find interesting on the information superhighway.

Great things we've done


We are proud of the work we have accomplished at the MuseLab, and want to make sure you get a chance to see it! Have a look at previous exhibits and programs we've created throughout the years.

A creative and collaborative space for thinking, doing, and learning about museal things.

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